Development of this site…

I just wanted to share my plans for the development of this site. I’ve been very pleased to collect the memories and thoughts of a number of colleagues about their ‘history of ICT’. These mini-histories are great to read just on their own. However, my real aim with the site is to use such memories as a source for students to make use of.

One of my aims was to create a site that ICT teachers can use for cover. Yet I never really imagined this as a collection of worksheets or PowerPoint-based tasks. Instead I want to provide opportunities for students to look at the history of technology to support their own future learning.

With additional ‘mini-histories’ I hope to be able to setup student research and discovery tasks e.g. why are all these teachers talking about something called a Spectrum? What was the Spectrum? What on earth is 48kb? I believe that if students could be set research tasks like this when they have cover lessons it would be a far more productive use of their time.

Additionally, the site could of course be used for standard lessons too – but knowing the challenges of setting cover with little or no notice, having a ready-prepared website to send students to, knowing they have the potential to change their opinions and viewpoints about ICT, would be a positive step.

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