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This site has been created to provide both a glimpse into the history of computers but also provide some interesting and engaging ways to learn about the development of such devices.

It isn’t just about the technical details – but also about engaging learning games to support your study of the history of ICT.

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  • admin says:

    I only setup the site last night, but I’m really pleased with how well it worked today. Students were particularly keen to see their work online, so I’ve added an additional section.

  • Andrew Field says:

    The site has now been live for a few days and I’m very pleased with it thus far. I’ve been most impressed by students’ interest. Part of me just decided to set this site up because I was interested in the recent history of computers, particularly what computers I and colleagues could remember growing up with. Yet I also felt ICT lessons themselves should include some form of study of the recent past – this would help ground students and help them appreciate the rapidly changing face of computing.

    Thanks to a number of colleagues willingly sharing their ‘ICT history’ we’ve now got a number of distinct areas:

    1. ‘Memories‘ – where all these personal histories can be found.
    2. ‘Resources‘ – where I’m adding collections of links to students can research specific older computers.
    3. ‘Games‘ where I’ve uploaded learning games to test their knowledge and understanding.
    4. ‘Student work‘ where I’ll upload any work that students produce that others might be interested in.

    What I haven’t done is upload any particular task sheets or instructions as I really don’t feel these are needed. I would like the site to continue to garner colleagues’ memories of early computers and provide the freedom for students just to explore such things.

    The key question for students is that they can laugh or scoff at the technology 20 years ago, but what on earth is it going to be like in 20 years from now!

  • You may be interested in my efforts in this direction. I am sitting on a pile of old software and papers and a few computers which I am actively trying to make available widely so that people can see the lessons learnt in education with regard to computers. Some of the projects, organisations and stories may interest you and your students too. Please feel free to contribute stories there too!

  • Happy memories – I saved for ages to buy a Sinclair Spectrum and was awed by the way it could calculate the day of the week an event happened. I remember loading programmes in on an audio cassette, and only being able to use it when no one was watching the telly, as that was the only screen available. Fortunately TV was much ore restricted in 1987. Pong and Space Invaders were my favourites.

  • Great website idea, Mr Field…if you want my early 1980s recollections on the Dragon 32 please ask!

  • Kenneth says:

    Great memories

  • Manuel.D says:

    Interesting website.
    Thank you

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