Request for your computer memories!

As you can see from earlier posts this site has a number of aims but its primary focus was to provide an opportunity for students to complete ICT historical research. My feeling was that quite often students are left cover work that is either mundane in the extreme or simply not particularly interesting.

ZX Spectrum 48kb

With this site we’re trying to gather memories of current teachers or other individuals about their use of computers when they were younger. This could be the use of BBCs at school or programming the ZX Spectrum 48kb. This was real programming and students today simply don’t have such opportunities.

The hope is that we can build up a bank of personal reflections that students can then use for research into the history of ICT.

If you’re willing please contact me via Twitter @andyfield. Full ‘ICT histories’ (not the best term – I agree) can be submitting the form below. If you’re willing I’ll then turn them into posts that students can use for their research:

(Had to remove the contact form due to spam but please do contact me via Twitter)

If you have any questions, do leave a comment. Comments will be added to the bottom of this post, whereas ICT memories will be used to form new posts.

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