Computer memories: Andrew Field


The first computer I can remember using was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48kb in around 1982 / 83. My sister was given one for Christmas – it came with a few games and some programming manuals. It seemed amazing clever at the time.

At school at the time there was one computer lab with BBC Micros. I remember being shown the lab, but being too young to be allowed in it properly 🙁

Later on I was taught how to make a graphic move across the screen on a BBC. I still remember the lesson. There was a real sense of achievement in getting a white character to move across the screen.

I subsequently inherited my sister’s computer and was bought a printer for it. It wasn’t very powerful at all, but seemed really impressive when I was little. I remember creating a quiz program to help my sister revise her A-Level history.


A few years later moved to a Spectrum 128k +2, a more powerful version of the Spectrum. My Mum and Dad also purchased a PCW 9512 – a dedicated wordprocessor. I used that to write a program that did my GCSE Maths coursework on quadratic equations for me.

However, my favourite computer when I was younger was the Amiga 500. This offered some great features – an impressive mixture of graphics, office-type tools, programming and games. I even wrote a few games using a program called ‘AMOS Professional’. I tried to buy an Amiga 1200 but we weren’t able to as this was the time Commodore went bust.


Since then I drifted into PCs having used them in the later years of secondary school and in earnest at University. One of my courses at university was even called “Computing for Historians” – it was much more interesting than the title and associated book suggest.

What’s your computer history?

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