Computer memories: Nick Francis

My first computer memories were two fold.

Mr Ee!

Mr Ee!

In school – J3 (as we were called then), we were given the opportunity of using the brand spanking new BBC micros, educational applications like Logo and the odd game or two that were knocking around at the time. One specific game which came to be the class favourite was ‘Mr. EE’. It was something about the dazzling (ahem…) graphics or the catchy (Cancan) music which just became addictive amongst us.

So addictive in fact, that most of us never got a look-in. However, that changed ….. one particular dismal British afternoon, I remember going completely against character, up to the Headmasters’ room, where all the software was kept and very carefully removing Mr. EE from the polycarbonate storage container and sneakily making my way back to the classroom.

This is where my memory fades, I’m pretty positive I made it back to the class and even had perhaps one/two attempts at the game, in fact I think I was pretty useless. The reality that I had ‘broken-in’ to the Headmasters’ office hadn’t really hit me, in my mind I was walking on air!

I do remember a stern teacher and a return trip to the Heads’ office with my head in my hands. What was I thinking?


On the home front, it was sometime later that I received my own, first personal computer…… I remember thinking it’s a C64! It’s a C64! which was the more popular, more expensive model at the time. I eventually unwrapped a VIC 20, which looking back at it, didn’t really phase me, I was just glad to have a Computer! (pupils of today take note!) The next week consisted of me playing one game, ‘Hunchback’ on a black & white portable that I had inherited from my father and trying to get another game to work, which never did 🙁

Vic-20 boot screen

Vic-20 boot screen

Looking back, it’s amazing that I never seemed to lose my temper with this machine, it constantly came up with ‘Syntax error at line 24’ etc, it took ages to load a game which by today’s standards is basic, yet there was something utterly fantastic about that machine, my first tentative steps into a world in which I now take computers completely for granted, demanding they perform billions of calculations every day …… my how times have changed!

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